User MArk B. ( posted:

Has anyone EVER used the property of the test script named "Environment"?
Like, what's it for? Does it have a purpose? Can you create a script that
is specific to a platform? (I never have.) And even if you do, what good is
setting this property? You can't retrieve it with any command in SQABasic?
If you have or do set this property then please tell me why.

I'm serious in asking this question. This property has been in Robot since
at least version 5 and I can't find a single use for it nor have I ever
heard of anyone using it in any way.

I for one would rather have the area blank than pointless. Maybe if script
properties could be retrieved at run time (which they should be) then such a
property might make sense but without that capability I don't see it.

MArk B.