User Carl Richardson ( posted:

Has anyone using the Rational Test Suite been successful in testing with third party classes? We are using some special classes to handle field level data editing int the GUI of our 3-tier application. We have chosen the Sitraka tools JClass for GUI Data handling. We are also using another Sitraka product, deploy director that allows our users to automatically get the client updates whenever they access the system.

Is there anyone out there who is using the JClasses to develop their application? If not them, any other third-party classes?

My development team spend several hours feeding the Start-Java-Application command to get our initial login screen to pop up. Unfortunately, Robot does not recognize that the script is completed (all it does is start the app) and then allow me to continue scripting. Instead the application is up accepting input but I cannot get back to Robot without first terminating the java application.

I don't know if these symptoms are due to the extra tools or other problems with Robot's interaction with Java applications.

Please help if you can. If you need a better description, let me know that and I will provide additional symptomatic data.