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Hi ! I have some questions about the possibilites of implementation of
scripts using Rational Robot. If somebody to know, I is thankful


1. How can I know if a windows service is executing ?

2. How can I read the attribute of the file ( for example: the read only
attribute ) ?

3. How can I verify if a determinate process appears in the Task Manager
Process List ?

4. How can I read/write data in the Event Viwer logs ?

5. How can I verify if a driver is installed in the Windows ?

6. How can I verify if a software ( application ) is installed in the
Windows ?

7. How can I control a test on the DOS applications ? And how to get datas ?

8. If in the applications shows 'Code: 45'. How can I get the value '45' if
this informations isn't in the other object ? It is only as a text ! By OCR


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