I am trying to get a custom java proxy working. I am using a third party graphics library, but for the purposes of making this request simple, I reproduced the problem using the java.awt library.

The problem is this: I wrote and deployed a java.awt.Label proxy according to the help documentation, and the information in the following URLs:
http://www.rational.com/technotes/fc...ote_23210.html http://www.rational.com/technotes/fc...ote_23543.html

When I try to query the Label in the attached Hello World app, I get the following error in the Robot console pane:

Java Proxy is unavailable: Proxy [MyAwtLabelProxyrequested for Class [java.awt.Label]; using default proxy

Attached are my proxy source files, a hello world test app, and the .jar file I deployed.

Firstly, ANY feedback on this problem would be greatly appreciated.

Secondly, if somebody could *please please* deploy the demo2.jar file and test it on a java.awt.Label, and tell me if it works on your installation...

thanks in advance!

PS I am using Robot version 2001A.04.00 on win2k

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