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It appears that the scripts can not be played back if the URL is a

I am calling a .html,.asp, .jsp page and all these are working ok with NS
and IE.

But if my url happens to be a servlet then IE is ok but Netscape just does
not playback. Have you guys come across this.
Following script has a bunch of startbrowser commands.
The one which is uncommented calls the servlet and is failing.

Any clues on how to fix this.

'Include global declarations in all scripts
'$Include "global.sbh"
'$Include "common.sbh"

Sub Main
Dim Result As Integer

'Initially Recorded: 12/24/2001 1:23:06 PM
'Script Name: Test_RK_Ns6

' StartSaveWindowPositions
' Window SetPosition, "Caption=Program Manager",
' Window SetPosition, "Class=Shell_TrayWnd",
' EndSaveWindowPositions

'StartBrowser "http://denmark/robottest/login.html",
'StartBrowser "http://denmark/robottest/login.asp",
'StartBrowser "http://denmark/robottest/Login.jsp",
StartBrowser "http://denmark/servlet/psweb", "WindowTag=WEBBrowser"
'StartBrowser "http://denmark/am/common/appcenter/login.jsp",

Window SetContext, "WindowTag=WEBBrowser", ""
Window SetPosition, "", "Coords=226,0,775,599;Status=NORMAL"
Window WMaximize, "WindowTag=WEBBrowser", ""

Browser NewPage,"HTMLTitle=Commerce One",""
EditBox Click, "Name=Username", "Coords=21,6"
InputKeys "v1"
EditBox Click, "Name=PasswordVerify", "Coords=21,12"
InputKeys "a"
EditBox Click, "Name=orgId", "Coords=21,5"
InputKeys "54321"

'Window SetContext, "WindowTag=WEBBrowser", ""
'Window SetPosition, "", "Coords=-4,-4,1032,748;Status=MAXIMIZED"
'PushButton Click, "Text=Log On"

Window CloseWin, "", ""

End Sub