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    testing java application

    User Rama krishna T (ramakrishnat@geometricsoftware.com.nospam) posted:

    I have an application deleloped on java to be tested.
    Basically it is CAD tool.
    Just now i started using Ratinal Visual test for Testing.
    I am new to this tool.
    PLease any body can help me by sending inputs, like any study material
    to get start with it.
    Thanks in advance.

    Rama Krishna
    Rama Krishna T.
    Geometric Software Solutions Co. Limited
    Plot No.4 , Pune Infotech Park,
    MIDC, Hinjewadi
    Pune - 411 027, India
    Phone : +91-20-4101872 Ext 474
    Direct : +91-20-2930474
    e-mail: ramakrishnat@geometricsoftware.com

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    Re: testing java application

    User ("Schoen,Torsten3865S-PP-RD-QA1".nospam) posted:


    sorry to say, but wrong users group. We are discussing Rational
    Robot/Teamtest issues, not Visual Test. I know there is a group for VT as
    well, but I can't supply any details. Check the Rational homepage for the
    url or mail adress


    Torsten Schoen
    Heidelberger Druckmaschinen AG




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