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I have generated Robot script for my Application developed in Java. In the
Application when there is any error, or exception, I display ErrorMessages,
which are popped using the JOptionPane class of javax.swing package.
My problem is that when such errormessages are popped up while playback of
the Robot Script, I can recognize them by the Caption, eg Error:21.
But if two different messages are popped with Caption Error: 21, I want to
read the text part of the message and differentiate between the erros. How
do I do that.

Result = SQAWaitForObject("\;Type=Window;Caption=Error: 21", 5000)

if(Result = sqasuccess) then
Result = SQAGetProperty("CurrentWindow", "Text",errText)

................... the errText is always empty, even if the first condition
has found the errormessage.

In short, in SQABasic, How can I read the errormessage text of an
ErrorMessage displayed using the JOptionPane class of Java.

I have another question,
How do I read the particular cell value ( for given row and column number)of
a Java Table from a Robot script. I am able to take focus to a particular
cell and click the cell, and enter values in the Java Table. But cannot read
value from there.

Kindly help

Thanks and regards
Manish Panchal