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Hi All

I am facing one problem regarding reading the property of JavaWindow. When
we run our script certain error message may come if error is there and basis
of the error messages we are performing some handling but some window has
same caption property so we trying to read the text of the window. our code
is like

Result = SQAGetProperty ("CurrentWindow", "Caption", vValue )
If Result = sqaSuccess Then
If (vValue = "Caption=Error: 51") Then ' Error: 51 is our error
window caption which has different kind of Text property basis of the error
in screen.
Result = SQAGetProperty ("\;Type=Window;Caption=Error: 51",
"Text", vText)
If vText = "Shipper Number can not be Null." Then
' do some stuff
End If
End If
End If

Here Robot is identified the "Caption" property of the window but then it
not get the Text of the Current window which has "Error: 51" Caption.

Please give some solution as soon as possible.