User Norkum Mike (NHQ-AC) (NorkumMI@CSC-SCC.GC.CA.nospam) posted:

I'm wondering if anyone is using SQA with Oracle Financials. We're a 11.03
shop with an old JDK that currently uses Mercury. Back in Y2K we
evaluated SQA but it did not work due to Java Enabler problems. Now in
2001, it appears that we will be moving to Rational if the product works
correctly. Can anyone let me know if
a) Rational supports Oracle Financials (11.03 and 11i)
b) Does it work with the Self Service Purchasing module or the new
IProcurement module
c) Will it work with an old JDK like we have
d) Does SQA work with JInitiator?

I'll probably have a 1000 more questions but I'll take those off line for
anyone that would be kind enough to help me.