Hello Everyone,

How to Call the Database Procedure in Robot.

I am narrating the scenario as mentioned below (Which I have tried)..

There is a procedure
titles_sum @@TITLE varchar(40) = '%', @@SUM money OUTPUT

ie;Generally represented as :
Title_Sum ( x input parameter, y output_parameter) in SQL Server.

Procedure in SQL Server is executed by following statement :
EXECUTE titles_sum 'The%', @@TOTALCOST OUTPUT"

My Problem is : How to call the above procedure in ROBOT using SQA Basic.

I have called the procedure by using SQLExecQuery(Connection,query) [This works fine ] which is very crude way, which I wanna preclude.

Is there any other way of calling procedure like Callable Statements in Java.Where I can call Stored Procedure by merely passing the parameters.

If there is please let me know.

'Sanjeev Singh'