User Amrinder, Arora (Meritage) ( posted:

It seems to me that the problem I am facing has a one-step solution. So
here I go:

I have a user group with 2 computers (local and an agent). The user group
has a transactor with:
1) type = coordinated, 2) total rate = 53/hr, 3) Iterations = 53, and 4)
Scenario = S1.

Scenario S1 has a random selector with many scripts with different weights.

Now what is happening is:
Scripts are chosen as per the weights, Transactions are coming at 53/hr,
however, somehow all the transactions starting on the local computer begin
and finish before the first one on the agent is started. So for first 30
minutes (or so) the local comp is working, while next 30 agent is.

How to make it random or alternating?

thanks a bunch