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    Support for Stingray components?

    I am working with developing a Windows 2000 application that uses Stingray's Objective Toolkit and Objective Grid. Our experience with these components are that they tend to give GUI test tools a hard time since the test tools often have problems in recognising the Stingray GUI components.

    Unfortunately, Rational Robot seems to suffer from this problem since it appears not to recognize the Stingray GUI components by default.

    Does anybody know if it is possible to make Rational Robot recognize Stingray components somehow?



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    Re: Support for Stingray components?

    Hi there,

    I am just experiencing the same problem and was wondering if you had any solution in the meantime?

    thanks for any help



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    Re: Support for Stingray components?

    The only way I know is to drive and test the controls by interface functions. This means the developers have to implement a DDE- Server for the components which allows you to access them directly via the functions provided.
    It means some additional work at the beginning but a very robust way to access the objects.

    Alternatively you could access the app over a COM interface if possible, which also requires support from development.

    Hope that helps,




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