User Aidy Rutter ( posted:

Trying to do a listview vp:

There's nothing in Insert > VP so from the reference manual as guide, I

Result = ListViewVP (CompareProperties, "Text=List1;\;ItemText=Nick's Cert",
If result = 1 then
ListView Click, "Text=List1;\;ItemText=Nick's Cert", "Coords=48,6"

End If
Result = ListViewVP (CompareProperties, "Text=List1;\;ItemText=Chai Modi",
If Result = 1 Then
ListView Click, "Text=List1;\;ItemText=Chai Modi", "Coords=192,4"
End If

I get a result of '0' for both of them; the second one has the actual data
that is in the listbox.
If I comment out everything, except the second ListView Click, Robot clicks
on the line.

What am I doing wrong?