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Does anyone know how to call a dll and pass values for the Boolean
parameters in the library? I have the following declare, which by the way
does not compile, but this is how the document says to do it; that I need to
call to remove Downloaded Program Files. It requires to parameters to be
Boolean and Robot does not seem to have a Boolean value. I have already
tried replacing this with Integer values and Variant values and this does
not work. Any help would be appreciated.



The Declare:

Declare Function RemoveControlByName Lib "occache" (ByVal FileName As
String, ByVal CLSID As String, ByVal TypeLibID As String, ByVal ForceRemove
As Boolean, ByVal IsDistUnit As Boolean) As Long

The Call Should look like this:

lReturnCode = RemoveControlByName(sFileName, sGUID, 0&, "TRUE", "TRUE")