Hi all,

I wanted to find all the controls in my HTMLDocument. I'm able to get all child controls under HTML document through SQAGetChildren, where this will return an array of recognition methods to find the control like, "\;Type=Window;WindowTag=WEBBrowser;\;Type=HTMLDoc ument;Index=1;\;Type=PushButton;Name=btnG". But, i'm not able to get its properties of the controls when i pass above as parameter. If i remove first 2 characters (\ , it is returning all the properties properly.

ie, if i use, status = SQAGetProperty("\;Type=Window;WindowTag=WEBBrowser ;\;Type=HTMLDocument;Index=1;\;Type=PushButton;Nam e=btnG", "tagname", objtag), output is empty and at the same time if i use status = SQAGetProperty("Type=Window;WindowTag=WEBBrowser;\ ;Type=HTMLDocument;Index=1;\;Type=PushButton;Name= btnG", "tagname", objtag), output is "INPUT"

I'm trying with Google site only.

Thanx for help in advance.