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    Positions in So. Calif for 2 Robot Testers 1 perm / 1 contract

    To all professionals: please resond by email phone or Carrier Pigeon (ok, ok, not carrier pigeon).

    We are a Los Angeles Placement firm with a few SQA Robot projects in the Orange County Area. Currently our clientrs are looking for 1 consultant and 1 perm do do the following:

    Experience with Rationalís Robot.

    Experience using Robot to make function calls from external DLL's. For example, be
    able to query registry key values using windows API calls from advapi32.dll.

    Experience using Robot to connect to a SQL database and perform queries.

    Familiarity with Robot's Object functions. The ability to create instances of OLE/COM objects and manipulate them.

    If anyone is interested or knows someone who is. please contact us, email us etc....

    Alan Fluhrer
    Advanced Technical Search & Recruiting
    Technology Search Consultants
    626-585-1700 Direct Line
    310-753-8535 Cell


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    Re: Positions in So. Calif for 2 Robot Testers 1 perm / 1 contract

    The FAQs for this forum states:

    "6) Do not post advertisements, resumes or job descriptions on any forum. If you have a job description or are looking for a job, post your resumes and jobs to http://www.qajobs.net"

    So, please use www.qajobs.net.

    - Joe (strazzerj@aol.com)
    Joe Strazzere
    Visit my website: AllThingsQuality.com to learn more about quality, testing, and QA!



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