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I'm forwarding this for anyone who could help out...
'================================================= ======

From Sanjay Singh:

our application has active x components which accept html request from user
and then updates the database.

so when we record the script datapool_config section shows dlls in place of
userdefined variables
for example
================================================== ==
EXCLUDE, "6;caicommn.ocx", "string", "1";
EXCLUDE, "9;caieqt.dll", "string", "Invalid";
EXCLUDE, "COMPVER", "string", "caitky2.ocx=1";
================================================== =

so how to create datapool for this script

also our application requires authentification from iis webserver. if we
enter username and password,we can access the application but the script
which has been recorded has no trace of this authentification
(i.e userid and password it does not record)

how to use this iis authentification

please reply as early as possible as matter is most ******
[snipped very long script]