User Shawn Hooper ( posted:

I receive the following error when attempting to run our test scripts from
Test Manager. This error does not occur when same test script is run from
within Robot. Also, this error does not occur if a simple GUI script is
created that doesn't reference any external functions (i.e. functions in
other library files).

[]: rtgap.dll function GAPTaskExecute failed

I found a known defect within the Rational Developer's Network website
that references this particular error. This defect is:

RATLC 4890
"rtgap.dll function GAPTaskExecute failed" message occurs when playing
back a GUI script that uses the SQAGetDir(SQA_DIR_PROJECT) command
A GUI script includes the SQAGetDir(SQA_DIR_PROJECT) command. When the GUI
script is run from TestManager, the following informational message
appears in the log: [] rtgap.dll function GAPTaskExecute failed.
No such message appears in the log when the GUI script is run from Robot.

This is a similar problem, but not exactly the same (i.e. our problem
doesn't pertain to the SQAGetDir function). Apparently, this particular
defect is slated to be fixed in the "next version" (after Rational
TestManager v. 2001, v. 2001A). There is a workaround suggesting that the
developer hard-code the path of a particular directory into their script
(instead of using the SQAGetDir function to retrieve it).

Is there a comparable workaround for the problem that we are experiencing?

My guess is that this problem has something to do with the way we've
structured our library directories. We have libraries of functions that
are independent of the particular Rational project that we are currently
working within. We keep these libraries in a directory that is separate
from the folder structure for each project. In other words, we have set
up our directory structure so that we can re-use the same functions in
different Rational projects.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!