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Whilst I have no idea how to solve your problem here are some of the
methods we use in our applications to find out where we are or where we
need to be.

We have some things we can not see the properties of, but we know the
spacing. If we double click on them we then can find the information we
need. So we progress along the list, double clicking as we go, if we get a
wrong entry we just close it, until we get to the one we want, or the end
of the list(then we return a fail).

Another way is writing a log file of data we have entered, we can use this
to predict where we need to click. We tend to use home keys to get to a
known point, then use cursor keys to get where we want.

In win runner I even had an application that I could predict the amount of
movement from the scroll bars, but I have not needed to do this since using

Hope that helps