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Thread: Copying Scripts

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    Copying Scripts

    What is the method for transfering robot GUI Scripts from one machine to another?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Copying Scripts

    Copying the scripts to the individual machine is NOT the best way to be using TeamTest/Robot. Put the project on the network and access it there.

    If you want to move scipts between projects then you'll either have to:
    - Go back to v2000
    - Wait until it gets fixed. (Maybe in the next release.)
    - Do it manually in Explorer (Don't forget the VP's)

    MArk B.


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    Re: Copying Scripts

    Are the PC on a network. If so then it is not difficult. I have done this numerous times on the 2001A.04 version
    Go to Rational Administrator and create/configure a project. The one you want to copy files to. WHen you reach the configure screen(Two ways to get there 1.Create a project and after you have click close, right click on the project and go to configure. 2. before you close the new project created ) on Test Asset(Configure Project window) click on Create. Ensure the New Test Datastore path and the check Initialize Assets from the following Test Datastore. Browse your folders to the Testdatastore folder of the project you want to and open the folder. Click okay and it should start the creation of your project in the location that you want.

    PS: Remember to use UCM if you want to accesses it from a different PC "\\server\serverfolder\filefolder\"

    Let me know how you fair out.


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    Re: Copying Scripts

    Thanks all. This should get me going in the right direction.


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    Re: Copying Scripts

    Browse through the directory on the PC holding the scripts and copy them the machine you need them on in any fashion you wnat scripts are easily ported over.

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