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The Journal of Software Testing Professionals is technical journal
dedicated to serving the software testing community. JSTP is looking
for articles reflecting real life experiences with any of the following

· Testing (test process, test management, testing techniques,
performance testing, security testing, test automation, tools, etc)
· Requirements
· Bug tracking and reporting
· Incident management
· Configuration management
· Release management
· Risk assessment
· Test process measurement and improvement

Submissions following the guidelines below should be sent to JSTP
Editor-in Chief, Dr. Magdy Hanna <>. For
information on past issues, visit

1. Author’s Bio. A 25-word or less author’s biography shall company each

2. All graphics must be in high resolution format such as TIF

3. Original Content. Unless otherwise agreed, all article submissions
shall contain original content not previously published. Exceptions may
apply only if written permission is granted by the holder of any
previous copyright.

4. Grant of Copyright. Unless otherwise agreed, the copyright for
articles submitted shall be granted to JSTP for publication and

5. Format. Unless otherwise agreed, submissions shall be provided in MS
Word™ format with page numbers (X of Y) in the footer.

6. Size. The length shall not exceed 15 pages of MS Word, single-spaced,
including all charts and other graphical illustrations.

7. Graphics. All graphics must be in high resolution format such as TIF

8. Multiple authors. Submission of multi-author papers is taken as
indication that all authors agree to its publication.

9. Style. The text of the paper must be in clear, concise and
grammatically correct English. Abbreviations and acronyms must be
clearly defined.

10. Attribution. Any quotes or excerpts from any other person or
publication shall be duly attributed either in the text or in a

11. Introduction. The first paragraph(s) of the article should provide a
concise summary of the article’s topic, including the benefit (s) to the

12. Sub-Headings. Where appropriate, sub-headings should be added to
indicate main ideas and to assist the reader in locating specific

13. Summary. The final paragraph(s) of the article should provide a
concise summary of the article.

14. References. References in the text should include the authors' names
together with the year.

15. Bibliography. In the bibliography, list references in alphabetical
order with the titles of journals cited in full.