User Powers, Richard J. ( posted:

Rational (version 2001A) does have commands to start an application under
the Rational diagnostic tools(PureCoverage, Purify, Quantify).

I have used PureCoverage, but have not used "StartAppUnderCoverage" command.

Since my app(C++ windows app), calls multiple exe's, I choose to
preinstrument all the exe.

Here are some things to consider for PureCoverage:
1. You need the debug version of the exe's and coverage needs link to source
2. Coverage modifies your code by placing hooks in the exe.
3. Since coverage data is being recorded, the script will take longer to
execute (I'm seeing 10 times).
4. Your script will have timing issues due to the variation in
timing(Coverage gather data).
5. If your application calls an exe multiple times, each occurance will
collect separate run data. CodeCoverage stores this memory. I had to write
code to handle the data generated by CodeCoverage to keep memory usage
within limits.