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A ClockWork Spam
(or Have a Holly Jolly Tweety Bird)

Is it spam, a spam, or the spam?

Why, IT IS a spam --
a spam singularity.

But if you stay behind the ropes,
donā€™t get too close,
keep fingers in nose,
nothing bad should happen.
Take a look and move on.

There may jolly well be good reason
the thieving Magpie has not dropped
any bonmots our way; may not have any,
might be cowpies in disguise, who knows?

No real danger unless you step on one
accidentally; read the subject line to
prevent these mishaps,
or just get yourself some boots.

Good to see, after a month or so,
our attention back on the minutia of the test farm.
Letā€™s go up to 400X power
and see what the wild animules are up to...

MarkBā€™s support of the ā€˜ol doc
duly noted; the drums of Gleaton
send sweet words beatin,
Posey and Crunk at trough feedinā€™,
Dave and Dmitry seek au pairs from Sweden,
Aidy, slipped on ****eload, bleedinā€™.

What a fine mess.
Mucking out the stables,
where does this stuff come from?
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To: "SQA Suite Team Test Users" <>
Subject: RE: it is NOT a SPAM!
Date: Thu, 18 Oct 2001 17:53:31 +0100

I've always thought that as he never answers any problems on this forum he
is either not clever enough or not helpful enough, neither attributes
inspire me to find out more about his organisation..
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