User Lignowski, Stephen ( posted:

We've been having a really odd bug popping up ever since we upgraded to
Robot2001. Running scripts and such works fine for a variable length of
time, and then something happens to cause all keyboard input (from the user,
not from Robot) to come out as if one were holding down the shift key. It's
not so bad with only letters, we can put the capslock on and it looks normal
again, but it is really annoying if one has numbers to type, because no
matter what you do you get the symbol, not the numeral. The only recourse
is to reboot the machine. It happens especially quickly if one has Outlook
open, or has to refer to something in Microsoft Access while Robot is still
open. This behavior only occurs in Windows 2000. It has never happened in
NT. Anybody got any ideas?

Stephen Lignowski
Senior QA Analyst
TriZetto Inc.