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Hi group!

I am writing some script that make use of some library functions that Dave's
company wrote some time back. Unfortunately, some of the libraries used by
these functions have gotten lost. Dave has been able to send me all but one,
the one that I am missing is called:


Dave mentions below that David Bachman or Patrick Grimme may know about
these files used in the library Grids_Databases.sbl. If you can contact me
off line or send me these files that would be great.


John Crunk

Original Email from Dave below:

Hi John, sorry if I forgot, I cant find any Dave files (not mine honest) so
I think my German stdents tidied them up before they left. They still
monitor the SQA news group so if you put out a note saying Mr David Bachman
or Mr Patrick Grimme please contact me, I am sure they will give you a few
pointers to what they have done.

Due to job freezes, staf illnesses, and staf shotages I now have 140% of my
time officially booked to projects, so I am not looking at code unless it
stops working.