User Alfred Raczkowsky ( posted:

Hello to all Java testers
I got news from Rational that solves my problem with multiple selections
in JavaTree.
I have installed the consolidated patch 2 of version 2001A (donīt know if
this works in older versions):
Now you can use the command JavaTree with action% = MouseClick and
parameter$ = Text, for instance:
Window SetContext, "Caption=Applet Viewer: TryIt.class", ""
Browser SetApplet,"JavaCaption=Applet Viewer: TryIt.class",""
JavaTree MakeSelection, "Type=JavaTree;Name=TryIt Corporate Tree",
"Text=The Irrational Widget Co->Development"
JavaTree Shift_Click, "Type=JavaTree;Name=TryIt Corporate Tree",
"Text=The Irrational Widget Co->Management"
JavaTree ExtendSelect, "Type=JavaTree;Name=TryIt Corporate Tree",
"Text=The Irrational Widget Co->QE"
JavaTree Ctrl_Click, "Type=JavaTree;Name=TryIt Corporate Tree",
"Text=The Irrational Widget Co->Documentation"

This is a good work-around for problems with "JavaTree ExtendSelect" and
"JavaTree Deselect".

Perhaps other commands already work although the command reference says
that they need the parameter "Coords". Try it!
Alfred Raczkowsky
Statistik Austria