User MArk B. ( posted:

The thing that really sets SPAM apart from other types of advertising email
is its relevance and that it most often does not allow you to identify or
contact the sender.

We've covered this before. Commercial posts that are directly related to
Rational products or the software QA field , whether job posting or training
are allowed, even invited, IF they are clearly marked in the subject line.
Hopefully, postings content is limited to the bare necessities. This and
other postings from Dr. Hanna clearly meet all of these criteria, except for
maybe the last optional one.

I, for one, would like to continue to see Dr. Hanna and others post
opportunities for training. He and the organization(s) he represent do a
great deal to forward the cause of software quality assurance. His offerings
help us to do our jobs better.

Because Dr. Hanna is such a professional it's very easy for you to solve
this problem yourself for YOU. The easiest to do is to read the subject
line. The most efficient would be to set up a mail rule. If you would like
it that the rule only discard the posts from Dr. Hanna referring to
conferences, so you can keep his other words of wisdom, he is kind, and
professional, enough to do us the favor of prefixing these posts with

Time for MArk B. to preach:
I heard on the radio yesterday that police responses to domestic abuse
incidents are up 30% since the attach on Sept. 11th. That is a clear, and
unfortunate, indication of the tensions that we are all feeling. We all need
to watch ourselves and be civil to each other. Otherwise, the bad guys win.

I do not believe that it is best for us just eat our feelings and let
ourselves get walked on. I am suggesting that we control our responses. Stop
and think a moment. Is a responses necessary? If you find that it is then
try to make civil. A sarcastic, "Please EXCUSE me.", is far better than,
"Get the **** out of my way."

It is imperative the we do our best in everything that we do for the next
few months. Be diligent with our work. Be good parents to our children. Be
kind and loving spouses, siblings, sons and daughters, and citizens. Take
care of ourselves. Some day soon I hope, we will thank ourselves for the

Someone fairly smart once said that we define ourselves by what we do in
times of duress. Let us try to make this a time of improvement on both small
and great scale. I'd like to be able to look back on this time and honestly
say, "Yes, I made a difference. I did my job and I was nice to people"

MArk B.