We've just upgraded to Rational Robot 2001 after using SQA Robot 6.0 (6.1?) and I have a question concerning the stopping of the playback logging.

In Robot 6.1 I was able to stop the logging of a script after either manually stopping the playback (F11) or if the playback was in "Go Until Cursor (F6)" mode. When the playback stopped, a window would popup asking if the user wanted to stop logging the results of the playback.

In Robot 2001, when you manually stop playback or run in "Go Until Cursor (F6)" mode, there is no prompt to ask if the user wants to stop logging the playback results. D

Does anyone know a setting or option that will give us this feature.

Thanks in advance

Scott Evans
FAS / CMS Automated Integration Testing
Test Analyst
(819) 994-3913