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    Is there any one out there to answer the list of my stupid questions:
    Question 1: How to find out whether Robot installed in my system is Delphi enabled.
    Question 2: I read in the Sqa help that Delphi should be installed in the system before installing the Delphi Enabler and Rational object testing library for Delphi. I donít have Delphi in my system so does that mean that Delphi enabler is not installed in my system.

    Thanks for your response


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    Re: Delphi


    To Question 1: Not the Robot is Delphi Test Enabled, the software you want to test must include the Delphi Test Enabler.
    To Question 2: To test a Delphi application you don't need Delphi installed on your system. But you have to check Delphi in the Extension manager in Robot / Tools.


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    Re: Delphi

    Thanks for answering my question. I really appreciate your help.
    Delphi is already checked in the Extension manager.
    But how to make sure that the software I am testing is Delphi enabled.
    Should I have to tell the Development team that Delphi enabler should get compiled with the build for automate testing. If so, what is the procedure to do it.
    Can u please answer my question at the earliest, for I already told the management that I want Delphi to be installed in my system.
    I got into all this confusing thatís because one of the rational representative told me that I need to have Delphi installed in my system to get it Delphi enabled.


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    Re: Delphi

    JonTom is correct in that you do not have to have Delphi installed on your test machine. If fact, it would be better that you did not because it would not be a true test environment. You do need to have development compile the delphi enabler in your application source code. They may have to contact tech support for the instructions. I am not sure where our developers found the instructions but it did not seem to be a problem. We are using Version 2001A with Delphi and it works very well. Good luck.

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