User Swathy ( posted:

Does anyone have information about what exactly Java Enabler does to your
environment/configuration. My Java Applet is deployable on JVMs that
support JDK1.1.
I had IE 5.5 (SP2) on my system and JVM version - VM for Java, 5.0
Release With this, I was able to load my applet successfully.
However, I was trying to implement a java proxy for certain custom
controls on my applet and I ran Java Enabler to enable the proxy.

After this I noticed that IE would not load my applet anymore. I get the
foll. error.
"java.lang.NoSuchMethodError: method SetLocation(II)V not found "

I tried a windows product update from which I believed would
have reset my IE installation to where it originally was, but I still can
get the applet to load. The same applet however loads on other NT boxes
which have a similar IE config as mine.

Obviously Java Enabler has changed something on my box and I am trying to
find out what this is.. Anyhelp in this regard will be greatly