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Here are some possible troubleshooting possibilities to consider when trying to connect to a FLEXLm License Server from a client machine.

Once you have installed the license server on the Host machine:

1. Make sure that all of your services are running and you have not received any error in doing so.
2. Open the License Tools application from the Rational FLEXlm License Server Program Item
3. Make sure that the license server can be connected right here at the Host before going off the box to a client.
4. Spin through all of the diagnostics from the License Tools application.
5. Open a command prompt dos box and try to ping the client IP Address or the machine name.

Going to the Client Machine (once everything is verified on the Host).
1. Open a command prompt dos box and try to ping the Host IP Address or the machine name.
2. Make sure all of the services are started (the services should include the server service, the proxy service, nutcracker service with the server service started first).
3. Make sure the License Administrator has been installed corrrectly and that it is the same version that the versions are the same.
4. IF you can ping the Host machine and the license server is started on the Host machine, go through the wizard using the options for a single license server. Do not fill in the port information.
5. Once finished, you should see your license in the Administrator on your client.

IF, after all this has been done, and it still doesn't work, then shut down the PC, grab your keys, and go to the nearest bar and have a cocktail or call tech support and they can walk you through a similar process just so you can get the same results.

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