User Mike Ramos ( posted:

Recently I downloaded the latest version of Teamtest
2001a. Currently we had Teamtest 7.5 and attempted to
upgrade. And the following things are not clear even
after reading all the documentation that came with it.
Maybe it is just how the documentation reads.

1. With 7.5, I set up a central server where I
installed the Sybase SQL Server which came with
Teamtest 7.5. When installing this, it also installed
Rational Administrator on the Server box. Now, how do
I upgrade that on the Server to 2001a since this
upgrade only contains the full Teamtest? Or is this
even needed? I guess I am lookinig to use an updated
version of Rational Administrator so I can configure
my database properly for use with 2001a.
What should I do?

2. I installed 2001a fine on my workstation,
converted the repositories to projects as required. Is
this all that is required on the client side?

I appreciate any help on this.


Mike R.
RSIS Information Systems, Inc.