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Whoa there big guy. She didn't say this was the only testing she was doing -
just an initial data integrity check when a new build is issued. In my mind,
she's on the right track. We do all that plus basic program file Baselining
to ensure that only 'known' and 'wanted' changes are in the new build and no
'surprises' pop up.

So the 3 hour test we do with this file & data validation is followed up by
some functional testing / GUI banging before we even release a new build to
our test lab. If it passes the initial test all 2 million lines of VT code
hit it for a 26 hour run on 40 machines.

You don't need to lecture on how to test - she didn't say this was her only
test. She just asked how to do it. Relax - it's Friday ;-)
John M.

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