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    Testing data integrity

    User MArk B. (mkbutler@russellmellon.com.nospam) posted:

    Why yes, it is. That happens to be one of its many uses. That is what I use
    it for mostly.

    A person wonders, just where this data might be? How would you check its
    integrity manually? How important is it? What if it's wrong? What kind of
    application is it? What language was it developed in? What programming
    language was it developed in? What kind of data is it? Does it change from
    build to build? Should it? Might it? What is important to test? What isn't?
    What happens if you don't test it? blah blah blah.

    Please put some effort into a better formed question and try again.

    MArk B.
    Could have used a Magic 8 Ball for this one.
    yea, I know I can be a real jerk

    "adrienne" <acinelli@amica.com> wrote in message

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    Re: Testing data integrity

    User John Meyer (fjmeyer@gte.net.nospam) posted:

    We do much the same thing on two levels - for both the schema and data
    contained in the system tables - only we're dealing with a SQL Server 2000
    database. What you might consider would be a mechanism to export the schema
    to ASCII files (in our case either SQL scripting or DTS scripts) and then
    you could use a variety of generic tools to diff for change or you could
    create some specialized parsing routines to look at the ASCII contents and
    report on differences at the table / field level. Any data comparisons would
    be much the same only by exporting the data in place of the schema metadata.

    John Meyer

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    Re: Testing data integrity

    User MArk B. (mkbutler@russellmellon.com.nospam) posted:

    Just go to the last paragraph if you don't need the BS.

    Off the cuff I can come up with 20 to 30 kinds of data integrity issues. You
    didn't mention calculation. The base data is just fine but it munges the
    numbers when calculated. The app I'm testing now ends up with about 80 meg
    of calculated textual output per build per platform. I consider that at
    least partially checking data integrity. You didn't mention reporting
    either. What happens when the data is correct in the database but it chops
    of the fifth digit of the zip code when you're printing mailing labels? What
    about adding extra spaces? Or trimming white space when it's not supposed
    to? Does this thing just display data? Does everything work all fine and
    dandy when you're reading it the first time but it saves the changes you
    haven't made and that corrupts the database? What happens when you edit that
    saved data but undo the change? Does the change get saved or is it back to
    what it was and should be. (Yes, this does happen. Found that bug in our app
    yesterday.) And what happens when the data is just fine but the user can't
    see it? Does that data have integrity?

    And don't give ME attitude. Help you get on this list is free and usually of
    high quality. A person needs to make it easy to be helped.

    Simply put, from what I can tell, you have little understanding of what data
    integrity is. Ignorance and arrogance are a dangerous mix. With that
    attitude In the end, no one is happy and it's never your fault. Humility,
    which I need more of, is very useful in getting assistance. blah blah blah

    And if you got this far, yes, Robot is very good at that. There are many
    ways to do it also. Using "ObjectData Verification Points" and
    "ObjectProperty Verification Points" being one of the easiest to use and
    most effective.

    MArk B.
    My fever is at just about 100 and climbing. I'm going home early today.

    "adrienne" <acinelli@amica.com> wrote in message

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    Re: Testing data integrity

    User Crunk John (ext3jpc) (ext3jpc@ups.com.nospam) posted:

    What the one that says "You are currently subscribed to sqa_suite_users..."?

    Just call me a Smart A**



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