User Simon P Garnett ( posted:

I really like the sound of this approach David, and it is one that I'd
love to have in place myself, but I've got one major worry with it that
I can't seem to figure out... If there is an error window when there
wasn't supposed to be (or any other unexpected window) how do you
continue testing the application with any confidence given that from
that point onwards you are just hoping that the underlying data has not
been affected by the error.

If you've got any thoughts or a strategy to help with this I'd love to
hear about it. I've thought about this for a very long time and cannot
see what you can do other that restore the applications data after an
error has occured. I see this as the only way you can have confidence in
the subsequent testing. Restoring the data is often a problem in itself
though as it can make the test runs very unwieldy.

I've cc'd this to the SQA user list to see if anyone there has a
solution too.

Here's to hoping!