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    Question on print to file

    User Paul Creswell (pkcreswell@fedex.com) posted:

    Good day.

    How do you add a blank line or a line of special characters (e.g. **********) AFTER output has been printed to a file but before the file is closed? I'm using Robot 2001. I may have 50 lines of text added to a file, but would like separation below the last line and directly above the next line of text appended to the file.

    Your assistance would be appreciated.



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    Re: Question on print to file

    User Tim Gerrells (tim@intellocity.com) posted:

    Print #[file handle],

    prints a blank line or to print a fancy formatting ditty:

    Print #[file handle},
    "************************************************* *********"


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    Re: Question on print to file

    User tom ba (tombasay@hotmail.com) posted:

    Here is example of fine Timba code,
    so clean, it self documenting;
    so sleek, you don't even see the
    37 WinAPI, DLL and COM calls behind it.
    Yes, Timba's been with Robot since
    the wind-up key days and it shows.
    Especially in generosity -- look how
    he so casually gives away his fancy ditty;
    never one to mention the
    nine months of development
    and two-years in field testing.

    Hard to say what
    we can expect next
    but even more good stuff

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