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Hey Guys !

Thanks for the previous help.

I have another problem that came up. The input I give to html edit boxes
through InputKeys command is slow. The types of command am using are of

InputKeys "^a"+inputVariable

The characters are typed to the fields very slow. I am new to Robot and
dont know how to handle this situation. This slows my playback immensely
as I have to give a whole lot of inputs. I tried to get this solved by
setting Tool->GUI Playback Options, Delay between commands and Delay
between keystrokes to 0 ms. But this doesnt help ! Do you guys have any
suggestions to fasten the playback. I am using the Win2000 Professional.

The strange things is that the InputKeys works fast when used on
FileDialogs with the same setting. I dont know whats causing the slowdown.
Thanks in advance for the help!

Dheeraj Malik