User Thiagarajan, Srikanth ( posted:

Will I be able to add a new object type in Robot.
When we try object mapping we are allowed only to add a class name to the
existing classes for that object type.
For Example:
The Grid Control in VB is added to the "Generic" Object type, why not add
that as a new object type "Gridcontrol"
will there be any implications 'cose an object is recognized as "Generic"
Will I be able to perform the same coding (like using the properties and
methods for that object grid) on the "Generic: object type as I do for
object types like "Listbox", "Editbox" etc....

I need basic info like how Robot Recognizes these objects by type and will I
be able to add a new object as a new object type rather than adding it as a
class to the "Generic" object type and what difference does it make ?
Is there any technical articles that discusses how Robot recognizes objects
How do I make Robot identify new objects and thereby I can identify the data
in it.

Thanks for any info on this