Good Afternoon,

I am receiving errors while compiling a library file connected to a header. I believe I have followed the limited examples in the documentation.

Error Messages:
Test141LibraryManuscripts.sbl(6) Error: Redefinition of procedure 'OpenMS'
Test141LibraryManuscripts.sbl(7) Error: Can't assign value to function: OpenMS

The Pertinent Section of the Header file is:
Global Result As Integer
Global msMSNO as String
Global idName as String
Global booAdd2List as Integer
Global Const pp2kAdd as Integer = 1
Global Const pp2kEdit as Integer = 2
Global Const pp2kRemove as Integer = 3
Dim msyear as string
Dim msmonth as string
Dim msnum as string
Declare Function OpenMS BasicLib "Test141LibraryManuscripts" (msyear As String,msmonth As String,msnum As String) as Integer

The pertinent section of the Library file is:
'Library File of Subs and Functions to use while Testing PaperPath 2000
'v1.41 Manuscripts
'Created by Michael Brennan-White 08/03/2001
'$Include "pp2kTestingHeader.sbh"
'Open's a manuscript using the menu command
Function OpenMS(msyear As String,msmonth As String,msnum As String) as Integer
OpenMS = 0
Window SetContext, "Name=frmMDI", ""
MenuSelect "Manuscript->Open Manuscript"
Window SetContext, "Name=frmTabPopUp", ""
Browser NewPage,"",""
HTMLDocument Click, "Index=1", "Coords=267,127"
EditBox Click, "Name=txtYear", "Coords=1,6"
InputKeys "+{END}{DELETE}" &msyear 'Entering the year, month & number of the manuscript
EditBox Click, "Name=txtMonth", "Coords=0,6"
InputKeys "+{END}{DELETE}" &msmonth
EditBox Click, "Name=txtInput", "Coords=3,6"
InputKeys "+{END}{DELETE}" &msnum
EditBox Click, "Name=txtInput", "Coords=26,8"
PushButton Click, "Name=btnSelect"
'DelayFor is to allow the manuscript to open fully
Delayfor 1000
'Function is successful
OpenMS = 1
End Function

Any assistance provided would be greatly appreciated.

Michael Brennan-White