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    Help!!!! VB, MDI Child Forms, Grids and tabs

    User (Paul_Downes@providian.com) posted:


    There are some creative (some would say twisted) minds on this list.
    Usually, someone can come up with a work-around, however ugly, for problems
    such as yours, but you need to give them something to work with. Have your
    developers create small shell applications using these third-party
    controls, without the underlying logic or connectivity, just enough to show
    the interface, with initial data if necessary. Send these samples to the
    list, or if they are larger than the list allows, send them to the
    RationalUsers site. You will probably find someone will rise to the
    challenge and may be able help you out. However, without a tangible
    example, it may be difficult to understand the problem and devise a

    On your issue with the slowness in playback, try using the
    SetForegroundWindow API function to set focus on these windows.

    Cheers . . . Paul
    "Jeff Brokenshire" <Jeff.Brokenshire@ems-solutions.com.au> on 07/31/2001
    04:52:04 PM

    Please respond to "SQA Suite Team Test Users"

    To: "SQA Suite Team Test Users" <sqa-suite-users@lyris.dundee.net>

    Subject: RE: Help!!!! VB, MDI Child Forms, Grids and tabs


    We are also a VB shop and are attempting to use Rational Robot to test our
    product. We had object recognition problems, those seemed to be solved with
    the release of V2001 earlier this year. Our current problem is playback can
    be slow. For instance I recorded a simple script that clicked on the title
    bar of each of the 4 child windows in our application. It took an hour to
    play back! Rational are aware of the problem and assure us that their
    developers are looking into it.

    In reading this newsgroup it makes me wonder just how much this product is
    used for testing of VB applications like ours. It seems that the vast
    majority of messages regard the use of Robot for Web application testing.
    Certainly the issues that you mentioned would appear to be common to VB
    apps, yet they are rarely mentioned here.

    As for Infragistics (Sheridan) controls, our application makes use of many
    custom components, some of them Sheridan. We met with Rational earlier in
    the year and they informed us that for Robot to work with their ocx's there
    would need to be some sort of information exchange between the developers
    from both companies. I emailed Sheridan to find out where they stand and
    this was their reply:

    Our development directors are aware of the issues surrounding
    automated testing tools. At the present time we are unable to commit
    resources to an investigation of the development requirements
    necessary to convert our controls. Some preliminary analysis has led us to
    believe that with some controls it may not even be possible.

    So no sympathy there!

    A large proportion of our functionallity is driven by 3rd party controls.
    Our developers have spent a lot of time trying to find work arounds to no
    avail. Unless/until we can find replacements that are visible to Robot, we
    are snookered.

    Jeff Brokenshire

    EMS Solutions Pty Ltd
    Email: jeff.brokenshire@ems-solutions.com.au

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    Re: Help!!!! VB, MDI Child Forms, Grids and tabs

    User Kelley Ann Lahey (kelley.lahey@hrdc-drhc.gc.ca) posted:

    Actually, I started doing tests from home. I can't really install VB6 on
    my workstation. What I first did was make an app with all the controls
    that were giving me problems and put them in an MDI form. then I made the
    executable. I then did the same but I put the robot enablers. When I got
    in to work this morning, I first tried the one without the enablers. It
    worked fine.

    I followed this up with the developpers who stated that they are using an
    MDI Extendor because their app has 3 child windows in the main parent. I
    have asked them to send me this extendor and I will run the test again. I
    will make apps similar to theirs without any logic, just controls on them.
    I will see if this is the problem because if Robot loses recognition,
    then I know what the weakness is. I will also know if the enablers are
    helping to correct the situation.

    I will post the results to the list, because this might be helpful for

    Thank you all so much,



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    Re: Help!!!! VB, MDI Child Forms, Grids and tabs

    User Kai Schrimpf (kai.schrimpf@db.com) posted:

    yes yes and yes.

    but to really answer that question you would need to give us some more information about the technology you're using......
    Which programming language, OS, Backend OS, DBMS etc....
    The more infos you give us the better we can help.....

    Kai Schrimpf
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    From: Pinal p <pinal9998@yahoo.com> on 08/06/2001 07:07 AM MST

    Please respond to "SQA Suite Team Test Users" <sqa-suite-users@lyris.dundee.net>

    To: "SQA Suite Team Test Users" <sqa-suite-users@lyris.dundee.net>
    Subject: Help

    we have client server application and it dispalys
    chart and data according to the selection you made and
    i need to verify front data with back end. Is it
    possible using SQA Robot? If any one knows how to do
    it, please give me some guidence. I will appreciate
    your help.



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    Re: Help!!!! VB, MDI Child Forms, Grids and tabs

    User Tim Gerrells (tim@intellocity.com) posted:

    Consider taking the data element from the displayed [grid|text
    box|listbox|whatever], performing a SQL query for the baseline data found in
    the database table, and perform a comparison. Look in the help for how to do
    both of these; they are not difficult.




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