User Powers, Richard J. ( posted:

This is to give users a heads up.

Rational support has generated a Ration bug "RATLC00011053" against Test
Manager at my request.

Problem: TestManger generates three files with incorrect file permissions
when you run a suite or individual testcase from TestManager.
These files are in the suite log folder in sub directory agentlogfiles and
perfdata. they are u00, d00, and logfile.wri.
Depending on where the Test Projects are located, permission levels set by
system administrators, and how the user is logon the network, TestManager
creates files which it cannot modify or delete.

Log files which only displays overall status of suite pass or fail. When you
check the properties of Suite Ends, the Additional Output, "RTmaster: fatal
system runtime error. [] unlink of empty concatenated log file d00
failed, Permission denied"

If you delete the test log from within Test Manager, the Log file is removed
from the Test Assest Build Workspace but the u00, d00 and logfile.wri and
their parent directories still exist. Then when you rerun the suite(or
testcase) with the same log name, Test Manager starts and then hangs.

Scenario where problems occur for me:
Test Projects on corporate files server where I have RWXD permissions as an
engineering domain users and I log onto a workstation but not to the
engineering domain but connected to the network.

If I log onto the workstation as a authorized domain users, Test Manager
will produce log outputs provided that I do not try to overwite an exist
logfile created by a different user.