User Steve Gray ( posted:

First thing I must mention - Rational had us sign an NDA for our "Advisory
Committee" meeting, so I cannot discuss product plans and you'll need to
keep that in mind as you read this...

We met for about four hours on Sunday, and we talked about a lot of high
level stuff - we didn't get into specific bug-type issues, but read on... I
honestly believe that the Rational folks at the meeting were genuinely
concerned about our opinions, enough so to actually invite those of us in
attendance to head up a "test tool customer advisory board." They already
have them for other aspects of their business, and they want one to
specifically address the needs and concerns of the test automation
community. The next meeting is in front of the Software Test Automation
conference and expo in Boston next month, where Rational wants us to drill
down on our bug and wish lists. Hopefully, enough of us can convince our
employers that it's in their best interest to do so.

So, our primary goal was achieved, probably to a greater extent than any of
us had hoped for. We have opened a channel of communication to those at
Rational capable of doing the most for us, and they are very receptive to
our ideas.

Anyone heard anything from MArk yet?