User Jim Cook ( posted:

Hi all,


I have an automated test suite (script and libraries) that uses
ADO to access data in an MS Access DB. The solution was built and
had been running successfully under Rational 2000 and MDAC 2.50.
When I converted the test suite to Rational 2001, the following error
surfaced during playback - consistently:

"Microsoft JET Database Engine: System Resource exceeded"

..occuring when attempting to open a recordset.

No changes were made to the script or libraries as part of the
conversion to Rational 2001 - the exact same test assets were
essentially migrated to the 2001 project structure.

I ultimately downloaded the latest MDAC (2.6 sp1) directly from the
Microsoft site, loaded on my NT workstation, and now the test suite
plays back successfully without encountering the ADO error above.

It's hard to say whether it's a 2001 issue, MDAC 2.51 (which gets
loaded during the 2001 install), or a combination. I only know that
the problem appears to resolve itself under MDAC 2.6 sp1.

I informed Rational Supoport anyway.