I realize it's a bit off topic, but I've got some questions about the Purify and Quantify utililties which are a part of TestStudio. The QA department at my company is in the process of evaluating different testing software, with the expectation of buying a package within the next 3 months.
Our software is currently written in VB3. We are currently also developing a product in C++, but it won't be ready for another 6-9 months. We would like to buy a package which will support both languages, because we will continue to support the VB version for some time after the C++ version has been released.
I have been told by Rational that Purify and Quantify will only work with VB4 and higher. I know that with VB4, the file structure changed and that's probably why it doesn't work. However, if anyone has found a way around this limitation, it would increase our chances of buying the software.

Jesse Hedges
Quality Assurance Specialist
Cougar Mountain Software