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    WAS RE: Rational Tool Reliability

    User (MMcNaughton@STSSystems.com) posted:

    All joks aside, a Product Director in reality is actually in 'Sales Mode',
    and in other types of products has the users needs in mind since they are
    customers, this would be of course for his benefit entirely, to sell the
    product. HOWEVER, i think that sometimes, and it's been mentioned here,
    it's not the actual users that are been marketed but management.

    IMHO putting up and shutting up is fine if you can get around all the
    problems, and most you can get around with the skills you have. But, what
    do you do when you've done this and even your workaround is taken away with
    no replacement in functionality. What do you do when you've been patient
    and given time for the transfer from SQA to Rational, and it never ends, and
    now it seems it's the transfer from one release to another release.

    Your favorite contributors (and not so favorite contributors) will have an
    audience, and think what you may, and all jokes aside, they are not planning
    on 2x4ing them per say.

    There's a lot to be said for restraint and having a little class. Didn't
    your mother tell the all listening 'you's that you attract more bees with
    honey? (or was that more testers with beer?)


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    Re: WAS RE: Rational Tool Reliability

    User Shawn (leabre@hotmail.com) posted:

    Okay, you've all seen me pop up from nowhere onto this board and then just
    rant rant rant.

    First of all, I completely despise Rational's half-baked efforts of so
    called "support" (of Robot).

    1) "No one else has reported this problem."

    Great. Do I care? No. When one of our users has a problem and even if
    we can't reproduce it or if no one else has it, it's our #1 goal to
    correct that problem for them. Is it too much to ask that after paying
    $10+k for a product plus support, that they at least act like they are
    about our problems? I wouldn't expect anything more from Rational save
    crap service. I've yet to be proven otherwise.

    2) "I'm going to forward this to our 'escalation' manager"?

    Great. So why does it get "escalated" and then a week later without a
    notice the issue is closed (because we fail to keep on top of it)? Oh, I
    understand, we didn't choose the Gold Support option, so we are just a
    pebble in thier shoe.

    3) 15 minutes into the phone call: "Let me go speak with some people and
    we'll get back to you."

    When you hear these words, it's the song of death. They have not once
    ever in 2 years returned a phone call except when they wanted us to
    purchase the product. Whey can't they put me on hold and then speak with
    someone and get back to me? Because they don't like to have calls lasting
    more than x minutes. So, why then do I pay $3.2k a year for support? I
    don't like spending x hours+ trying to convince these morons that there is
    a problem that is obviously more important to our companies bottom line
    than theirs.

    4) "Our senior support engineers have followed the steps you took to
    reproduce the problem and were unsuccessful. The problem is with your
    machines (all 20 of them) and we can't help you [because we can't
    duplicate the problem and because no one else is reporting it]".

    Great. So I called you for the fun of it and I'm lying. Ha ha. The
    Joke's on me.

    5) "What's an Object Data Recognition? Where's that located?"

    Great. So I'm wasting my time with some moron who doesn't even know the
    features of his own product. Support? *laugh*

    6) Me: "Yes, I'm calling to verify the status of issue: xxx that was
    'escalated a few days ago". Rational: "Sir, our records are showing that
    the issue was closed. Me: "Closed? We didn't even resolve it. They were
    'escalating' it to see if another technician may have any ideas!!".
    Rational: "Well, our records show the issue is closed. If you like, you
    can open another issue and then we'll place you in the queue for the next
    available representative." [Oh, that dreadful Q]

    Great. So what they're telling me is that they are "escalating" it into
    oblivion so he doesn't have to take anymore phone calls from me. I don't
    blame them. I've grown rather impatient to their crap over time.

    7) "May I speak with a mangager please?" "Sorry, sir. I'm assigned to
    solve this problem..." Many frustrations later, "if you leave your number
    I'll see if we can have another support tech contact you".

    First, if you're assigned to solve it, then solve it. Second, you
    already have my phone number, know me by name, have a list of every known
    defect with your product and have the audacity to ask for my phone number?
    Nonetheless, that's a punch to get me off the phone. Never once had a
    return phone call. I've been a support tech before, and a very very good
    one at that. I've never once lied to a user, never jacked them off, never
    sat on a problem. That's because I cared. Nice to see that Rational
    doesn't. It'll help me better spend my money on some competition in the

    8) As a valued Rational Customer we'd like to share some exciting news...

    Valued? *Cough* More like crapped on every day.

    9) Rational: "Yes, it certainly looks like the problem is with Robot."
    Me: "Great, so can you send someone here to help us fix it." Rational:
    "Yes, for $XXX we'll do anything"

    Hmmm. It's not enough that we paid $10k+ for the product licenses,
    $3.2k+ per year for the support. And you want to charge $2,897.98 for a
    rep to travel 5 miles to this office (Irvine) to correct a problem you are
    keenly aware of is truly with the product?

    10) After repeatedly calling and complaining of a problem, having to
    reopen the issue 3 times in 2 weeks because they keep "closing" it, they
    couldn't duplicate the problem therefore had the audacity to tell me that
    the problem "doesn't exist". I used a screen recording utility to make a
    movie of me duplicating the problem and emailed it to them. After looking
    at the movie, they still told me the problem doesn't exist and a
    "programmer" said it's likely a "user training error". Well, how could it
    be, the problem began with the 2001 update from 2000, and they saw the
    process from start to finish, click for click, and saw the error which was
    "user training" but was corrected in 2001a update and mentioned in release
    notes. Yet it was still my "ignorance" to oblivion rather than bliss.

    Stunts like this is why our company was about to spend $53,887.12 on
    other Rational products and I convinced them to take their business
    elsewhere. Because of all the logs and issues, our company has a mandated
    policy not use conduct future business with Rational. They don't have
    their act together.

    I thought I was alone until 2 weeks ago I saw this board. Looks like
    there's a whole community of people who are crapped on daily by this





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