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    OT Possibly - Comparing XML Files

    User Ian Blair (blairi@gaelnospammquality.co.uk) posted:

    We are preparing a series of XML files to allow our website to be viewed in
    different languages. The files will (should) be identical except for the
    actual text within the elements. This text will vary in language and will be
    used to construct the web in the language of the user's choice.

    Does anyone know of a tool that can be used to compare the XML while
    ignoring the text content? I.e, verify that the structure is identical.


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    Re: OT Possibly - Comparing XML Files

    User Keith Macon (Keith.Macon@emergis.com) posted:

    Check out XML Spy I think this might do what you need. www.xmlspy.com

    Keith F. Macon, MCP, CSTE, A+
    Quality Assurance Specialist

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    Re: OT Possibly - Comparing XML Files

    User Andy Tinkham (tinkha@visi.com) posted:

    Another option (in addition to XMLSpy, which is a good tool, though I
    haven't looked at any comparison functionality in it) would be to do it in
    Robot. Next week, at RUC, I'll be presenting on using the Microsoft XML
    Parser with Robot and releasing a library of XML routines. These routines
    include the ability to step progressively through an XML file and get the
    names of the element (Text portions show up as #text). You could create a
    master file of element names, including where the text should be and then
    generate that for each test and compare the two. I don't think there's
    anything in the library at the moment to determine the number of attributes
    an element has, so it would be harder to get the attribute names (it's
    geared more for getting attribute values when you know what the attribute
    name is) but if it's not in there, it shouldn't be too hard to add (sheesh,
    planning v2.0 before I even release v1.0 After I get back from Denver, I
    can post the XML library here for people, although I might go ahead and add
    a few more routines for verifying XML files before I do.


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    Re: OT Possibly - Comparing XML Files

    User Ian Blair (blairi@gaelnospammquality.co.uk) posted:

    Hi Andy,

    That is very interesting and I would certainly appreciate a look at this.
    Regards posting here there is a size limit of 50k per message. Do you know
    about the Yahoo group that has been set up for sharing files? You can find
    it at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/RationalUsers

    "Andy Tinkham" <tinkha@visi.com> wrote in message

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    Re: OT Possibly - Comparing XML Files

    User Crunk John (ext3jpc) (ext3jpc@ups.com) posted:


    We may want to get together on this, I am having to write something similar
    that will capture all the objects on the document level and then execute the
    ones that can be depending on the type of object. This will require parsing
    the XML and figuring out all the objects and child objects. We may be able
    to help each other by sharing functions. Are you game, if so email me




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