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    Running from Command Line

    User Ryan Clark (ryan.clark@sternestackhouse.com) posted:

    I am now running from the command line as the solution to my last problem
    (shutting down robot from robot), thanks for the ideas.

    However, I now have found out that a couple of my scripts that work just
    fine running normally, consistently throw a Dr. Watson error when running
    from the command line. Whether from the scheduler, the Run dialog or though
    a small C program that wraps up a command line and sleeps for a specified
    time before running it.

    Has anyone ran into this problem before?



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    Re: Running from Command Line

    User Carl Nagle (Carl.Nagle@sas.com) posted:

    Yes, others have had problems like this before.
    The resolution is typically that you need to disable Dr. Watson during this type of testing.

    Problems like this have been around a great while. We find that Robot's hooking and Dr. Watson don't always play well together.




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