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    Re: FW: External VPs

    You might get some use from Paul D.'s WindowUtils on the RationalUser site
    for the window VPs. These are the functions in this library:

    '* Window Utility Functions Library Source File
    '* ========================
    '* Window utility functions:
    '* EnumerateChildWindows enumerate child windows for given parent
    '* EnumerateAllWindows retrieve all windows
    '* GetWndText return caption for window handle
    '* GetWndHandle get handle using classname, caption, or both
    '* GetWndClass get window classname for handle
    '* IsTaskWindow determine if handle is for a "task" window
    '* CloseTaskWindows close all "task" windows
    '* MinimizeAllWindows mimics keyboard events to minimize windows
    '* AdjustToken set NT admin privileges
    '* ShutDownWindows shutdown Windows
    '* ReStartWindows restart Windows
    '* ReBootWindows reboot PC

    The custom VPs are useful it you want to be able to see in the LogViewer
    what failed in your VP comparing baseline and actual, beyond a pass/fail
    that a File VP gives you.

    It all depends on what you want to see afterwards and how you analyse the



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    FW: External VPs

    User Thurgood, Mark (mthurgood@ti.com) posted:

    (sorry...just realized that I replied privately to this...therefore I'm now
    posting it publicly)

    Thanks for the quick reply. I'm basically trying to improve upon a
    Data-Driven engine that we use here and am trying to determine if we can
    incorporate some of the VP functionality into the engine without having to
    go to an external script all the time. If I can at least incorporate some
    of the VP types into it then I might. We use a lot of Stingray objects, so
    WindowVP's are almost a MUST. I might have to create some custom
    VPs...never used them before.

    Mark T.



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