User Mullick, Huma ( posted:


I am trying to record a simple script which will select a particular block
(from the left hand window pane) and drag it into the main window (the right
hand window pane). There is one line where it stops and fails:

GenericObject Left_Drag, "Class=ATL:042FA750;ClassIndex=1",

It works on one machine but not when I run it on my machine. I think it is
because of the fact that my monitor is larger than the other machine.

What I wanted to know was, is there a way that you don't have to specify the
'from' coordinates (ie. 56,100)? This way it will work on both machines.
Is there some way you can specify you want to select a certain block without
having to say what the coordinates of it are? THere is no text on the
block, the text is just underneath it.