User Tim Gerrells ( posted:

I just learned that I lost a chunk of my QA staff in layoffs; they're
packing now. In truth, they are excellent at what they do and I'm at a loss.
I've been told officially, legally, I'm not supposed to give references,
recommendations, help or anything. B.S.

If anyone knows of any positions in the Denver Metro area, I'd like to try
to help them find another position quickly.

Have one junior/entry level (1 year experience, network admin and embedded
systems), one intermediate (with some Robot, Windows VB and Access
programming experience and a great hacker), and one senior individual who is
just plain unbelievable (UNIX shell scripting, Java as well as Windows). The
junior and senior do not have Robot experience, I'm afraid.

The senior individual I think would entertain out of state moves; the rest
want to stay in the Denver metro area.

Let me know.

Tim Gerrells

(I am not some headhunter. I'm apparently their former QA Manager.)